Cinema Squabble: Episode #11

Diving into Tomorrowland, Poltergeist, Slow West, Aloha, and San Andreas squabblers Sara Michelle Fetters, Matt Oakes, Brian Zitzelman, and Adam Gehrke leave no stone unturned for the weekend. Plus an interview with Producers Susan Harmon and Ritchard Meyer of the film Love Among The Ruins playing at SIFF;¬†and, picks for the last week of SIFF, get in on this while the gettin’s good.


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2 Responses to Cinema Squabble: Episode #11

  1. Susan Starr

    So appreciate the recommendations of SIFF films-not-to-be-missed. Please repeat. Also the weekly segment with a film guest truly deepens and broadens the depth of your podcast in contrast to other podcasts. But most essential and continong is when you lend thoughtful analysis to defend films so too rapidly “deep sixed” by other “critical” sources.

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