Cinema Squabble: Episode #32 (The Bare Necessities)

In this episode Sara, Adam and Brian talk about the latest from Richard Linklater Everybody Wants Some,¬†Melissa McCarthy’s The Boss,¬†Ice Cube’s Barbershop: The Next Cut, Kevin Costner’s Criminal, and Disney’s Jungle Book, plus talk about the films that shaped our youth and influenced our love of cinema as children. Get clicking and listening now!

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  1. C. Zitzelman

    I always enjoy your reviews, but connected best with the review on The Jungle Book. Fan of Kipling, Disney, so want to see this new adaptation. But your making me feel guilty again, sort of, shared movies too early I guess as the youngest family member. Did not mean to scare or shock you!!!! But always enjoyed our movie nights with you, usually…sorry I could not make it through Pulp Fiction. Think it is well done after not watching it with an eighth grader.