Cinema Squabble: Episode #8 “The Ocho”

In this episode Sara, Brian, and Adam discuss everything from Nicholas Sparks’s The Longest Ride, Disney’s Monkey Kingdom, wild dogs in White God, fierce bears in Back Country, and the genius of Ex Machina. The gang are also joined by Stefanie Malone and Kyle Seago of nffty to discuss the world’s largest film festival for talented youth coming up April 23-26. Plus a look back in time to underrated summer blockbusters of yesteryear. Dial it in and rip the knob off!


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3 Responses to Cinema Squabble: Episode #8 “The Ocho”

  1. C. Zitzelman

    Another interesting squabble , as usual. Three animal ones comments sounded interesting, but would probably not pay to see. However all the rest of the discussion was enlightening.

    • Both WHITE GOD and BACKCOUNTRY work amazingly well inside a theater. If you’re even slightly interested, even just a little bit, I’d strongly recommend making the trip. Both aren’t exactly “feel good” titles, certainly, but that doesn’t make them any less rewarding.

      Glad you’re enjoying our show! Hope we can keep churning out some solid episodes for you. Take care!

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